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Treating spider veins & reticular veins by a multifaceted treatment - Best Vein Varicose Clinic in Victoria Melbourne

A vivacious 50-year-old academic, whose zest for life was unmistakable, entered our doors burdened by bilateral posterior thigh and calf reticular feeders and spider veins. These unwelcome intruders had surfaced around her 30th year, their presence amplifying with each subsequent pregnancy. Gradually, these veins cast a shadow on her daily activities, leaving her feeling uncomfortable at day's end.

The tale of her unease was woven with the threads of extended standing, which exacerbated her symptoms, and the soothing elevation of her legs, which provided a momentary respite. As expected, these were the telltale signs of varicose veins. Beyond the physical discomfort, the emotional strain was undeniable, chipping away at her self-assurance.

Veins Treatment Procedure

Our meticulous examination unveiled the intricate network of spider and reticular feeder veins that traversed both legs. Guided by a commitment to comprehensively address her concerns, we commenced with a Duplex Ultrasound (DU) examination, a crucial step to fathom the origins of these conspicuous veins. This investigation revealed the Small Saphenous Veins (SSV), deeply ensconced within the calf muscles, as the culprits feeding the surface varices.

With a clear roadmap charted, we embarked on a multifaceted treatment approach. Embracing innovation, we executed the Endovenous Laser Ablation (EVLA) technique under local anesthesia. Renowned for its potency in handling significant truncal veins, this procedure boasts an impressive success rate of up to 95% in experienced hands. True to our promise of convenience, the outpatient procedure offered a seamless in-and-out experience. The patient's post-treatment journey required only a week of daytime compression stocking wear, and she resumed her routine the very next day with minimal discomfort.

In the wake of EVLA's success, the narrative ventured into the realm of ultrasound-guided sclerotherapy (UGS) and Direct Vision Sclerotherapy (DVS). Exhibiting admirable resilience, the patient sailed through these stages, experiencing minimal discomfort and no downtime.

A snapshot captured 15 weeks after two treatment cycles encapsulated her remarkable evolution. Radiating satisfaction with both aesthetic and medical strides, her symptoms had gracefully retreated, allowing her confidence to reclaim its throne. The sartorial shackles were lifted as she confidently embraced shorts and skirts after two decades, mirroring the liberation that her revitalized exercise regimen brought.

In the vibrant heart of Melbourne, our clinic had the privilege of aiding a remarkable success story, one that beautifully exemplifies the transformative impact of our expertise in addressing vein conditions. This success story echoes far beyond the boundaries, embodying the fusion of medical expertise and personal empowerment. As guardians of health and champions of confidence, we remain dedicated to crafting many more chapters of renewed vitality and self-assuredness.

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