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Treating bulgy veins on the front and outer part of right leg - Best Vein Varicose Clinic in Victoria Melbourne

Meet a remarkable 40-year-old woman who embarked on a transformative journey to regain her leg's health and beauty with the expertise of our renowned vein expert in Melbourne.

A few years ago, this lovely lady began to notice the emergence of unsightly bulging veins on the front and outer parts of her right leg. As time passed, these abnormal veins, commonly known as varicose veins, grew increasingly prominent, causing her discomfort and distress. The onset of her varicose veins was around the age of 25, and their severity progressed gradually. Troubling night cramps became a regular part of her life, exacerbating her discomfort and affecting her sleep quality.

Day by day, the symptoms became more pronounced, particularly after prolonged periods of standing. Yet she found some relief by elevating her legs, a typical strategy to alleviate the discomfort caused by varicose veins. Concerned not only about the aesthetic impact but also about potential health implications, she decided to seek professional assistance.

Vein Treatment Procedure

Upon her first visit to our clinic, our dedicated medical team conducted a comprehensive assessment. The examination revealed the presence of varices on her right leg, confirming the diagnosis of varicose veins. To delve deeper into the issue, we performed a Duplex Ultrasound (DU) examination during her initial consultation. This non-invasive procedure allowed us to identify the underlying cause of her visible bulging veins.

Surprisingly, the culprit feeding into these surface varicose veins was identified as the Anterior Accessory Great Saphenous Vein (AAGSV), a major vein responsible for returning blood from the leg to the heart. Remarkably enlarged on the inside, this vein was directly contributing to the emergence of the varicose veins on the leg's surface.

Dr. Nellie formulated a targeted treatment plan to address the root cause of the surface varicose veins. Employing the Endovenous Laser Ablation (EVLA) technique, performed under local anesthesia, we set out to tackle the oversized Great Saphenous Vein. Renowned for its high success rate, when executed skillfully, EVLA can achieve up to 95% efficacy in treating significant truncal veins. The procedure was carried out as an outpatient service, ensuring minimal disruption to her daily routine.

In the aftermath of the procedure, the patient was advised to wear compression stockings during the day for a week. Impressively, she was able to resume her regular activities within just a few days, experiencing minimal discomfort. Following the successful Endovenous Laser Ablation (EVLA), our medical team performed ultrasound-guided sclerotherapy (UGS) and Ambulatory Microphlebectomy on her right leg. These techniques targeted both visible and non-visible branches of the abnormal AAGSV, further enhancing the treatment's effectiveness.

The patient's experience with the above techniques was notably smooth, accompanied by minimal discomfort and virtually no downtime. She attended a year post-procedure follow-up, and a post-treatment photograph captured her remarkable progress. Her satisfaction was evident, as her legs exhibited a remarkable transformation both aesthetically and medically. Notably, her distressing symptoms had vanished.

This inspiring success story serves as a testament to the power of expert care and advanced techniques for overcoming varicose veins. With our dedicated team's support and the patient's commitment, a brighter, healthier future was achieved. If you are seeking a similar transformation, our vein expert in Melbourne is ready to guide you towards renewed confidence and well-being.

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