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What Happens At My First Consultation?

At Melbourne Varicose Vein, we allocate about 60 minutes for the initial consultation. We request you arrive about 10 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment. A questionnaire regarding your general health, medical history, and vein symptoms have to be completed. You can request the questionnaire to be emailed or mailed out, to you at the time of booking. If necessary, a Duplex Ultrasound Scan will be done on the day (at no extra out-of-pocket cost) to find out the source of the abnormal veins that you notice on the skin surface.
During your first consultation, a detailed ultrasound scan is performed. The scan maps and checks the functioning of the hidden veins within your legs that are not visible. These veins may also be incompetent and may be contributing to the veins that you do see on your legs.

The Ultrasound Scan

This ultrasound examination will take around 20 minutes and is completed whilst you are standing either by Dr. Yazdani or a Sonographer.

Ultrasound uses sound waves to examine the function and condition of your underlying leg veins. At Melbourne Varicose Vein Clinic the ultrasound scan plays an important role in the diagnosis along with the minimally invasive treatment options offered. It is very essential to know the root cause of the vein condition.

Once we know the exact condition of your veins, Dr. Yazdani will then explain the findings of the ultrasound and physical examination and prepare a treatment plan for you. She will then after discuss the advantages and disadvantages of any proposed procedure along with any potential complications. Dr. Yazdani will answer all your question during the session. A detailed costing will be provided in writing.

Detailed Costing & Treatment Plan

Medicare rebate will apply to most Varicose Vein treatments at Melbourne Varicose Vein Clinic for medicare eligible cardholders.

Private Health
As all of the treatment options provided by Melbourne Varicose Vein are in an Outpatient setting (walk in, walk out) and not in a Hospital (Hospital admission), Private Health funds do not cover the treatment. Some Private Health Funds will provide a rebate on the compression stockings depending on the level of cover.

Card Options
EFTPOS facilities are available. Melbourne Varicose Vein accepts Master and Visa cards. Cash or Cheque. The clinic does not accept AMEX and Diners cards.

Payment Plans
Payment plans are available through macCREDITopener”>Treatments page for more information about treatment options.


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