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Treating bulgy varicose veins with Direct Vision Scelerotherapy - Best Vein Varicose Clinic in Victoria Melbourne

Meet our remarkable patient, a vibrant 28-year-old woman whose journey towards healthier legs and renewed confidence serves as a testament to the power of modern vein care. When she walked into our clinic, she was troubled by bulgy varicose veins that had been residing along the inside of her left thigh.

Her demanding job required her to stand for prolonged periods, exacerbating her discomfort. The appearance of these abnormal veins was first noticed during her pregnancy, and over time, they progressed to a point where she experienced consistent heaviness and pain. Particularly during those long hours of standing, the agony intensified.

Her symptoms displayed a classic pattern that pointed towards varicose veins, an issue that could be temporarily relieved by elevating her legs. However, she sought more than just a temporary solution; she was concerned about both the visible signs and the potential health implications of these abnormal veins.

Veins Treatment Procedure

Upon thorough examination, our dedicated team identified varices on her left leg. We initiated a Duplex Ultrasound (DU) examination during her initial consultation to delve deeper into the root cause of the bulgy veins that marred her skin. This investigation revealed that the culprit behind her visible surface varicose veins was none other than the Great Saphenous Vein (GSV), a significant vein within the leg.

To address this issue comprehensively, we opted for an innovative approach: Endovenous Laser Ablation. This treatment technique is performed under local anesthesia & demonstrates a high success rate in managing larger truncal veins—up to 95% effectiveness when executed with precision and experience. Our patient's comfort and convenience were prioritized, as the procedure allowed her to walk in and walk out of the clinic on the same day.

After the EVLA, her journey to healthier veins continued. Ultrasound-guided sclerotherapy (UGS) and Direct Vision Sclerotherapy (DVS) were employed to target both visible and hidden abnormal branches of the refluxing GSV. Notably, our patient demonstrated remarkable resilience during UGS, experiencing minimal discomfort and minimal to no downtime.

The transformative power of our approach became evident just eight weeks after two sessions of treatment. A photograph captured her legs, now free from the burden of varicose veins, revealing both aesthetic enhancement and medical relief. Her satisfaction was palpable—her troublesome symptoms had dissipated and her confidence had returned.

Our patient's journey highlights the success that can be achieved through a combination of cutting-edge techniques, expertise, and a patient-centric approach. At the Melbourne Varicose Vein Clinic, we are dedicated to empowering individuals to regain their quality of life by providing the most advanced solutions for vein health. If you're experiencing similar concerns, we're here to help you embark on your own success story.

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