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Treating bulgy varicose veins and its painful symptoms by ELVA & UGS - Best Vein Varicose Clinic in Victoria Melbourne

A 21-year-old, active athlete who had been bothered by varicose veins since he was a teenager visited our clinic in the heart of Melbourne, and we observed his incredible journey. This young person, who led an active lifestyle, had been struggling with bulging varicose veins on the inner lower legs and both thighs. Over time, the veins had gotten worse, impacting not just his appearance but also his general health.

The symptoms he experienced were characteristic of varicose veins: cramps, pain, and a heavy sensation in his legs, particularly during physical activity. Prolonged periods of standing exacerbated his discomfort, while rest, leg elevation, and compression stockings provided some relief. The visible veins were not only a cosmetic concern but also a source of worry regarding potential health implications, which were starting to encroach upon his daily life.

Veins Treatment Procedure

It was clear from a careful inspection at the Melbourne Varicose Vein Clinic that varices had settled on both the thighs and the legs. During his first appointment, a Duplex Ultrasound (DU) test was done to determine the origin of these noticeable veins. The Great Saphenous Veins (GSV) were shown to be the cause of the surface varices. Our strategy was straightforward: under local anaesthesia, use the very successful Endovenous Laser Ablation (EVLA) method to address the underlying problem. This treatment boasts an amazing success rate of up to 95% when carried out by a skilled hand.

The entire process was designed to be minimally invasive, allowing the patient to walk in and walk out on the same day. Following the EVLA procedure, the patient was advised to wear compression stockings during the day for a week, and remarkably, he was able to resume his work, studies, and exercise routine within a matter of days, experiencing only minimal discomfort.

To comprehensively tackle the varicose veins, ultrasound-guided sclerotherapy (UGS) was carried out. This procedure targeted both visible and non-visible abnormal branches of the refluxing GSVs. The patient displayed remarkable resilience throughout, enduring minimal discomfort and experiencing only minimal downtime.

Fast forward two years after the completion of four sessions of treatment, and the transformation was nothing short of extraordinary. The patient emerged not only aesthetically renewed but also free from the burdensome symptoms that had plagued him for years. Both the varicose veins and the associated discomfort were gone, replaced by a newfound sense of confidence and vitality.

This success story exemplifies the incredible potential of modern varicose vein treatments. It demonstrates how advanced techniques performed by skilled hands can offer not only aesthetic enhancement but also a profound improvement in the quality of life. At Melbourne Varicose Vein Clinic, we take pride in being a part of such transformative journeys, helping individuals rediscover their active, pain-free lives, one vein at a time.

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