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Treating bulging varicose veins on medial and posterior parts of right leg - Best Vein Varicose Clinic in Victoria Melbourne

An energetic 19-year-old male entered our Melbourne varicose vein clinic with his life prominently characterized by the presence of bulging varicose veins along the medial and posterior parts of his right leg. Interestingly, these strange veins had first appeared while he was a teenager and had gotten worse over time. He felt a heaviness that weighed him down, cramps that visited him in the middle of the night, and restless legs that disturbed his tranquility as a result of their unwelcome intrusion. Exercise became difficult for him because his leg was the most affected by this vascular abnormality. Long periods of standing only made his problems worse, and the only things that helped them were rest, elevating his legs, and wearing compression stockings, all of which are recognizable signs.

As if the physical discomfort wasn't enough, the visible varicose veins also cast a shadow over his self-esteem. He began to worry about the potential health implications of these abnormal veins, and as time passed, their impact on his lifestyle became increasingly pronounced.

Veins Treatment Procedure

After careful examination, it was discovered that the Great Saphenous Vein (GSV), a truncal vein, was the cause of his obvious varicose veins. We made the decision to go after the origin of these surface varices in order to start down the road to alleviation. The Endovenous Laser Ablation(EVLA) technology, which has a very high success rate in treating big truncal veins, was our method of choice. Up to a 95% efficacy rate was what EVLA guaranteed when used by our skilled healthcare professionals. This outpatient surgery was performed under local anaesthesia to minimize patient inconvenience. The patient was only instructed to wear compression stockings throughout the day for one week after treatment, and he or he returned to work and school within days with only minor side effects.

Following the triumphant EVLA, we proceeded with Ultrasound-Guided Sclerotherapy (UGS) to address both visible and hidden abnormal branches of the refluxing GSV. The patient sailed through this procedure with remarkable ease, encountering minimal discomfort and requiring little downtime.

Fast forward 8 weeks after the completion of two sessions of this comprehensive treatment cycle, and a photo captured a transformation that was nothing short of remarkable. Both aesthetically and medically, the results were nothing less than astounding. Most importantly, the burdensome symptoms that had plagued the patient were now a thing of the past.

This success story serves as a testament to the power of modern medical interventions in the capable hands of our experts at the Melbourne Varicose Vein Clinic. Beyond merely enhancing appearance, our treatments aim to restore comfort, confidence, and quality of life. This young man's journey is just one example of the life-changing impact that our vein experts can have.

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