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Direct Vision Microsclerotherapy - Best Vein Varicose Clinic in Victoria Melbourne
Direct Vision Microsclerotherapy - Best Vein Varicose Clinic in Victoria Melbourne

Direct Vision Microsclerotherapy

Direct vision Micro Sclerotherapy is considered the first-line method for the treatment of small reticular veins and spider veins.

It involves the injection of a special solution via a tiny needle into the reticular or spider veins. This causes the veins to collapse and harden. Once the veins have hardened, the veins dissolve and disappear as the body gradually absorbs them.

Because of the chemical, the vein might get sticky and inevitably close. The vein may appear bruised at first, but it will diminish and vanish quickly.

Direct Vision Micro Sclerotherapy decreases the symptoms of vein injury by narrowing the veins, leaving varicose veins less noticeable and less painful.

The blood is rerouted to a healthier vein after the body absorbs the abnormal vein. It's a low-risk, minimally invasive treatment with 75-90 % success rates (when used independently).

After the vein therapy, you will be able to drive yourself home. During the care, you might need to wear compression stockings for up to a week or more as suggested.

You might be able to resume your usual everyday routine, returning to work or resuming the workout the next day after Sclerotherapy.

Dr. Yazdani is a friendly, passionate, and caring medical practitioner and is one of the very few females formally trained sclerotherapists in Victoria.


The treatment procedure for vein issues typically involves an initial consultation with a vascular specialist, such as Dr. Niloofar Yazdani. After a thorough examination and possibly diagnostic imaging, a personalized treatment plan is developed. Common treatments may include minimally invasive procedures like sclerotherapy or endovenous laser treatment, aimed at closing or removing problematic veins.

Direct Vision Micro Sclerotherapy (DVMS) is a minimally invasive procedure used to treat small varicose and spider veins. Unlike other vein treatments, DVMS involves injecting a sclerosing solution directly into the affected veins under the guidance of a special magnifying device. This targeted approach allows for precise treatment of superficial veins, making it an effective option for improving the appearance of spider veins.

The duration of the Direct Vision Micro Sclerotherapy procedure varies depending on the number and size of veins being treated. On average, a session may take around 30 minutes to an hour. Dr. Niloofar Yazdani will assess your specific case and provide you with a more accurate estimate during your consultation.

After vein treatments, Dr. Niloofar Yazdani typically advises patients to avoid strenuous activities for a few days and wear compression stockings to promote optimal healing. It's essential to follow any specific post-treatment instructions provided by Dr. Yazdani to ensure the best results and minimize the risk of complications.

To schedule a consultation with Dr. Niloofar Yazdani regarding vein treatments, you can contact her office directly or visit the official website for more information. During the consultation, Dr. Yazdani will assess your condition, discuss treatment options, and address any concerns or questions you may have about Direct Vision Micro Sclerotherapy or other available procedures.

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