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Symptoms of Vein problems - Best Vein Varicose Clinic in Victoria Melbourne

Vein problems can be an issue that results in affecting the component of your circulatory system that returns deoxygenated blood from tissues to your heart. Depending on the vein problem its symptoms can vary, but it's crucial to be aware of the most prevalent ones.

Have you noticed any unusual deep-colored veins in your legs? Do you have concerns about a family member who suffers from swollen or painful legs? In these cases, it's natural to ask if the problem is related to vein disease. Remember that recognizing the signs and symptoms of vein problems can help you in determining the cause of this disease.

Vein problems are more likely to develop as people age. In fact, 50% of Australians suffer from some form of vascular disease. And among them, valve problems and blood clots are two of the most common complications.

Since veins work on a mechanism to pump the blood to the heart and other organs which is against the pull of gravity, that mechanism has to be kept healthy and correct so that the flow is not disturbed. Unidirectional veins can snap shut the blood flows past them to control it backward.

However, if the valve is broken, blood might flow in reverse. When this happens, the blood becomes stagnant, accumulating around the valve and raising the vein's pressure. The pressure on the valves can be damaged if you don't exercise or sit or stand for long periods. Smoking can also increase the pressure by stiffening the vein walls.

Blood clotting can occur in a superficial vein or a vein deep into the tissue, generally in the legs, due to poor blood flow. If clots break free, they can damage the valves and increase the risk of various health issues.

What Are the Signs and Symptoms of Vein Problems?

Based on how long you’ve had the condition and other health issues, the symptoms of vein problems can vary dramatically. Other than the superficial aspect of spider veins, some people can detect other symptoms too and some can even experience a painful and burning sensation from the beginning. Other frequent symptoms which can commonly develop themselves in one or both legs are:

  • Cramps in the legs
  • Itching
  • Swelling in ankles and legs
  • Incessant Aches
  • Unusual sensations of weight or pressure in your legs

In addition to uneasiness, you may notice the presence of spider veins also known as varicose veins. However, if you are experiencing these difficulties then you’re not the only one to be unsure about these vein problems. It can be difficult to be sure if you have any vein problem or not. If you are not sure then it is best to reach out to a Varicose Vein Expert

Why Is It So Important to Diagnose Vein Problems Right Away?

Vein Problems can be extremely painful and inconvenient. It is nearly impossible to have a normal working day due to continuous leg aches and burning sensations. It can worsen in the night as it becomes difficult to sleep if you have pounding and stinging sensations due to the Varicose Veins. Nowadays it's fortunate that vein problems do not stick around lifelong. Dr. Niloofar Yazdani, a friendly and compassionate specialist can help you get your issue resolved. No matter what you do in your daily routine, work, spend time with family or relax while wearing any type of clothing you will feel happy and comfortable.

Another reason why treating vein problems as soon as possible is important is that these conditions might worsen if left untreated. You may only notice a few spider veins at first, which aren't bothersome. But, blood vessels can swell over time, resulting in varicose veins. Damaged valves that control normal blood flow begin to deteriorate, allowing blood to exert excessive pressure on vein walls. Blood clots, for example, are a significant problem that can occur at any age. The good news is that these problems are both preventable and treatable, so there's no need to be concerned as long as you keep your veins in good nick.

Lastly, detecting vein problems is beneficial to your body. Many women and men have stated that spider veins and varicose veins make them feel self-conscious. They are hesitant to wear shorts, swimming suits, or dresses that they used to enjoy because they are concerned about people seeing their purple veins. There's no reason for you to go through that ordeal. The appearance of varicose veins and spider veins can be reduced or eliminated with advanced vein condition treatments.

Stages of Varicose Vein| MVV

What are the stages of Vein Condition?

To avoid further difficulties, it is necessary to spot the signs of vein condition. It can be explained how vein conditions develop and what symptoms to look for. Vein problems are divided into seven stages, each with its own set of symptoms ranging from minor to severe.


At the initial stage, the damage occurs beneath the surface, maybe the veins are not visible. Still, you might have a vein condition even if you cannot see the varicose veins appear on the skin’s surface. Symptoms like leg pain, aches or cramps, pounding and itching, heaviness in the legs with a burning sensation around the surface are pretty common.


Keep an eye for spider veins, these are small damaged veins that appear on the surface of legs. These are usually fine threads, web-like structures, or branches and can be blue, purple, or red. In general spider veins do not show any symptoms but if there is any feeder Varicose Vein present beneath then the situation can be different. A heavy feeling in the legs, burning, pounding, muscle cramps, and swelling in your lower legs are some of the common symptoms of it.


Varicose veins are swollen, bulging veins that are typically dark purple or blue. When the condition worsens, the veins can bleed and ulcers can start to appear. If you are standing the whole day then additional weight can make your legs feel fatigued or even sore. Pain, swelling, heaviness, and discoloration are the most common symptoms.


Examine your legs to discover if you have edema. Swelling occurs in the legs and ankles. Blood pools in your legs as a result of leaky valves, causing swelling while you're on your feet for long periods.


Corona phlebectatica or abnormally visible blood vessels on the ankles and feet that resemble blue and red spider veins and these abnormalities may indicate a progressing underlying leg vein problem. Pain, itching, a burning feeling, and swelling are all some of the common symptoms.


Keep a close eye out for changes in your skin. Abnormal veins can cause bleeding and fluid build-up, which can change the color of the skin in some parts. Leg ulcers can develop as a result of gradual skin changes. Pain, skin hardening, and skin color change are part of these symptoms.


This stage results in a wound on the leg or ankle due to aberrant or damaged veins, which causes venous hypertension and tissue degradation. Patients are also at a higher risk of getting blood clots at this stage, which can be very critical and might lead to Deep Vein Thrombosis.

Please remember that you can contact Dr. Niloofar at Melbourne Varicose Vein Clinic any time for more information about your vein condition or to schedule an appointment. Don't be afraid to inquire about vein problems with your current health care personnel - a nurse, family doctor, or podiatrist – and be honest and open about your symptoms.

If you suspect you have a vein problem, what should you do?

The first thing that comes to mind when you notice indications of vein condition is to see a doctor, you're on the correct track. Going to your preferred general practitioner, though, isn't enough. You'll need a vein expert who knows how to effectively and painlessly treat dysfunctional veins.

To get excellent results, follow these three simple steps:

Book an Appointment: Booking your first appointment is simple and easy. For your first consultation on vein condition please contact us as soon as possible.

Vein Treatment Schedule: Dr. Niloofar Yazdani performs cutting-edge, minimally invasive treatment options at our state-of-the-art facility. We offer in-office therapy that is rapid, convenient and achieves outstanding outcomes with little to no downtime.

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